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This is the rare cardinal photographed in Dr. Larry Ammann’s back yard. It is a bilateral gynandromorph, which means it exhibits both male and female characteristics, split down the middle of its body. See additional images, that better show the split.



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Fanon documentary confronts fallacies about anti-colonial philosopher »

…according to Fanon, colonial violence begins with the coloniser, who “does not alleviate oppression or mask domination. He displays and demonstrates them with the clear conscience of the law enforcer, and brings violence into the homes and minds of the colonised subject.” During decolonisation, it is this unchecked, destructive and tireless violence that is “appropriated” by the colonised.

In Frantz Fanon: A Biography, Macey writes about the way Jean-Paul Sartre’s misreads Fanon in his preface: “Sartre wholeheartedly endorses the thesis that violence can be cleansing or even therapeutic, and that the colonised man cures himself of his colonial neurosis by driving out the [colonizers] by force of arms.”

For Fanon, however, there was nothing mythical about violence in Algeria. It was simply a daily reality. Sartre’s preface thus overshadowed Fanon’s actual work. Jean Daniel and many other thinkers from the French left gave it far more attention than they did Fanon’s actual book. The preface had taken on “a life of its own,” and when Sartre officially supported the Zionist cause, Josie Fanon asked for the preface to be omitted from all future editions of The Wretched of the Earth.

…Here, Macey reveals the reverse manner in which Fanon’s work had been received. It was not that Fanon issued a call for violence and it occurred. Violence was everywhere in Algeria, and he wrote of it as inevitable to a revolution in which he had a profound faith.

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Modern art was CIA 'weapon' »


The CIA also backed Iowa and creative writing MFA programs in general.

This article kind of buries and doesn’t go into the reasons why they backed abstract expressionism specifically - they quote a former CIA asshole and probably current asshole saying

It was recognised that Abstract Expression- ism was the kind of art that made Socialist Realism look even more stylised and more rigid and confined than it was. And that relationship was exploited in some of the exhibitions.

but socialist realism was not the only politically left “representational” art going at the time - the article mentions Rockefeller as a big booster of abstract expressionism; it doesn’t mention that he started doing this after he saw the Diego Rivera fresco he commissioned, freaked out, and destroyed it

basically - they saw a.e’ism happening and were like, oh, perfect, no opportunity for overt political statements here, and threw a lot of money at it.

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