Sons of the silent age

Pick up in bars 

and cry only once

Sons of the silent age

Make love only once 

but dream and dream

They don’t walk, 

they just glide in and out of life

They never die, 

they just go to sleep one day


Never Going Back Again (acoustic duet)—Fleetwood Mac

I don’t wanna be at work

I wanna be petting a cute dog

WOW so I worked until 11 pm last night and my boss told me to come in at 10:45 am today, so… here I am… and she just called to say she decided she isn’t coming in until 1 pm WOW

Brian Eno | The Big Ship

(via warminvention)


Flower boy, 2014Personal work

'For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When The Rainbow Is Enuf', Ntozake Shange, Shameless Hussy Press, San Lorenzo, California, 1976.
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Porter #3: Fall 2014Malaika Firth by Norman Jean Roy
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